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Truly Outrageous


Just picked this sucker up.  So excited!

I’m just gonna be over here, reliving my childhood.


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Superheroes Flying Out of the Closet

If you haven’t heard, apparently DC Comics is planning on having one of their heroes come out of the closet.

Marvel rushed Astonishing X-Men number 50 to stores a day early, so fans can read about Northstar, mainstream comics first openly gay character, proposing marriage to his partner.

As the Guardian said, apparently they’re battling over who has better “pink” credentials.

For some reason, the prevailing opinion (or is it hope?) is for Batman to be announced as homosexual.  I’m not sure why, although I have to admit that he was the first one who came to mind, possibly because of his series of male wards, the various “Robin” sidekicks.  Or maybe because his whole life outside of being Batman was a pretense.

But if it’s a character with a secret identity, which identity comes out?  It’s also entirely possible that the character who comes out won’t be one of the central characters, like Batman or Superman, but a secondary character.  Or hey, it could be Wonder Woman – think of the island she’s from that’s populated solely by women!  A little too cliché?  But that’s comic books, they’re mythic archetypes, and of necessity cliché.

I promise to keep you posted as events proceed – ridiculousness and all.

So who do you think it will be?

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